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Anju D. Jessani, MBA, APM®

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Office Locations


Clinton, New Jersey Office

42 Main Street, 2nd Floor

Clinton, NJ  08809

(Please Direct Mail to Hoboken)



◊ Exit 15 off Route 78


Convenient town location


◊ Street Parking


◊ Access to public transportation


◊ Walking distance to restaurants


Clinton Office/Hunterdon County


Hoboken, New Jersey Office

223 Bloomfield Street, Suite 104

Hoboken, NJ  07030



◊ Between 2nd and 3rd Streets


◊ One block from Washington Street


◊ Three Blocks from Path Station


◊ Convenient downtown location


◊ Near Hudson Street parking lots


Walking distance to restaurants


 Hoboken Office/Hudson County

This Mediator is Mediate.com Certified
Making an Appointment


Office hours are by appointment, and some evening hours are available.


We offer a free half-hour office consultation that you both attend, or a free half-hour three-way telephone consultation, so you and your partner may decide whether mediation is appropriate for your situation. Alternatively, the first half-hour of the first mediation session is free. 


Please phone 908-303-0396 or 201-217-1090 to schedule an appointment, ask questions, or request more information about our services.  You will find Anju easy to talk to as well as kind.  And, if you feel your situation may not be appropriate for mediation, or if you want to interview another mediator, we would be glad to make a free referral to a trusted colleague.


All phone calls are treated in a confidential manner and are personally answered by Anju. 



Fees & Payments




Fees are affordable and are on a pay-as-you-go basis at the end of each session, with no retainer.  Payment can be made by check, money order, credit card (Visa/MC/Discover), or cash. Receipts are provided for all payments. 


The portion of mediation fees related to tax planning is usually deductible, if you prepare an itemized tax return. Please consult with your tax advisor for more information.


Take advantage of our free half-hour offer for your initial consultation or your first session. 


You work hard for your money.  Be a smart consumer.  Because there are no retainer fees and you pay at the end of each session, you can better manage the cost of your divorce.


Please visit our FAQs, Fee & Legal page for more information about fees.





Divorce with Dignity Mediation Services - Official Site

Marking our 19th Year Anniversary in May of 2016



Founded in 1997, Divorce with Dignity Mediation Services provides family & divorce, and business/civil, mediation services.  All mediation services are provided by Anju D. Jessani, Accredited Professional Mediator, rather than associates or trainees.  Her Wharton MBA and her extensive experience working in the financial world make her uniquely qualified to conduct complex, economic mediations.   In their 2008 survey, Anju was ranked in the top 20 family/divorce New Jersey mediators by NJBiz

Our practice is almost entirely devoted to providing mediation services. We are passionate about mediation, and obsessed with providing quality service at an affordable price.  Having served as the mediator for over 900 mediation cases in the past seventeen years, you have the comfort of knowing that your mediation is being conducted by a true professional, who is recognized by her clients for her expertise, tenacity, and caring.  Anju is also active in training and mentoring mediators, and has trained over 1,000 professionals in the field of mediation.

The mediation and legal communities, as well as the New Jersey courts, acknowledge Anju as one of the most experienced and competent mediators in the region.  When people talk abut divorce mediation in Hudson, Hunterdon and neighboring counties, Anju's name comes up time and again, from multiple sources, as a trusted resource, colleague and service provider.

Locations & Services

We have professional offices in downtown Clinton in Hunterdon County, and also in downtown Hoboken in Hudson County.  Please visit our Clinton page and Hoboken page for more information, including directions and parking information for each location.  We can mediate any New Jersey or New York divorce through these offices, as there is no requirement that your mediation be held in the county that you reside.  As a member of Regus/Corporate HQ, we also have access to professional meeting rooms throughout the state, if neither of our office locations is convenient.  We are also willing to meet at your attorney's offices. 

Family & Divorce Mediation Services

We are completely familiar with the divorce and child support issues that relate to New Jersey and New York cases.   This is very important as family law is specific to each state, with nuances that can make a significant difference to the outcome of your case.  Our Divorce Mediation page provides more detailed explanation of the divorce mediation process, including a list of documents you might need to provide to your mediator at a later date. 

We also offer services through the New Jersey Judiciary's Administrative Office of the Courts' (AOC) Economic Mediation Program for Family/Divorce Cases, Rule 1:40 for cases that have not settled at the Court's Early Settlement Panel.  Additionally, for complex and high conflict cases, we offer collaborative mediation services, a hybrid of mediation and collaborative law, where we work with the clients directly, but have periodic five-way meetings with our clients and their attorneys, at critical junctures in the mediation process. 

We also specialize in providing post-divorce mediation services. Changes in circumstances as well as the child's age may necessitate new arrangements. Blended families, couples contemplating commitment, as well as families in crisis can utilize mediation to address/define financial and parental roles and responsibilities. Because of our urban locations, we have significant experience mediating conflicts for clients with different socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. We provide mediation to families, stepfamilies, domestic partners, civil unions, roommates, never married couples, grandparents, and extended families, and are gay-friendly.

Additionally, we offer coaching/consulting to individuals going through separation or divorce, either through mediation or litigation, where we are not serving as the mediator. This can be especially helpful for clients going through court-ordered mediation.

Business/Civil Mediation Services

We offer business/civil mediation services through the New Jersey Judiciary's Administrative Office of the Courts' (AOC) Presumptive Mediation Program for Civil Cases, Rule 1:40.   We are also registered through the Central Contractor Registration database with the U.S. Federal Government for government mediation assignments including with the United States Department of Agriculture.  Anju is registered with the New Jersey Foreclosure Mediation Program to assist New Jersey residents save their homes. 

On a private basis, we offer business mediation services through Executive Mediator Services (EMS), an organization of highly experienced executives in business, commerce and the professions, that helps resolve disputes and close deals by mediation, online, on-site, worldwide. 

As an experienced mediator, Anju serves as a mentor to new mediators seeking co-mediation experience to qualify for admission to the roster of AOC mediators. She has also served as an instructor for training classes in Advanced Civil Mediation, as well as a facilitator for the Union County's annual civil mediation training program. 

We also offer coaching/consulting to individual businesses and organizations going through the mediation process, where we are not serving as the mediator. This can be especially helpful for clients going through court-ordered mediation.

Profile for Anju D. Jessani, MBA, APM®

Anju Jessani holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (WG'83), and a BA from Douglass College, Rutgers University (DC'79). Prior to founding Divorce with Dignity Mediation Services in 1997, Anju was a manager with Price Waterhouse's Management Consulting Group, and most recently, a Vice President with JP Morgan.  In 1989, having served on the US Department of Treasury's Fiscal Task Force, she was recognized by Treasury Secretary, Nicholas Brady, for her contributions to increasing the efficiency of the Department's revenue network.

Anju received her academic training in mediation at the Center for Family and Divorce Mediation in New York, and conducted her practical training through Hudson County Court's Mediation Program in New Jersey. Her practice is devoted entirely to providing alternative dispute resolution services (primarily mediation), to clients who seek a non-adversarial, problem-solving approach to conflict resolution that allows them to keep in control of their case. 

Committed to making the divorce process more cooperative and respectful, as well as more cost-effective, She endeavors to treat every client as if they were her only client.  She embraces the concept promulgated by filmmaker, Bill Brummel that "Dignity is everyone's human right."  

In addition to contributing to professional journals, Anju has also participated in media talk shows on the subject of divorce reform.  She is the lead instructor for NJAPM's 40-hour divorce mediation program and and teaches in the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education's 40-hour class. She completes at least 60 hours of continuing education credits every year, exceeding both ACR and NJAPM's requirement for accredited mediators.

Reflecting her high level of training and experience in the field of mediation, Anju is an Advanced Practitioner Members of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) - the most rigorous credential for mediators, with less than ten mediators in New Jersey holding that designation. She is an Accredited Professional Mediator (APM®) by the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM), an Advanced Mediator with the Academy of Professional Family Mediators, and is also a Member of the multi-disciplinary organization, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC).  She recently qualified as a Certified Mediator with www.mediate.com.

Anju served on the NJAPM Board of Directors from October 2000 to September 2010, including as President from 2005-2007, and holding the office of Immediate Past-President from 2007-2010.  She was honored by this 450+ member-organization at their November 2007 annual conference.  She also received special recognition from the New Jersey State Bar Association's Board of Trustees for her work on the New Jersey irreconcilable differences divorce bill in 2007.  She is editor for the NJAPM newsletter, Mediation News, and serves as advisor to the board on the Council of Presidents.

She serves on the University of Pennsylvania Alumni Secondary School Committee, Hudson County, and on the Board of Directors for Safe Harbor Child Access Centers.  Anju has also served on the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Court's Parenting Time Advisory Committee as the primary author of  Parenting Time: A Child's Right.

Anju brings extensive experience in financial planning, real estate, taxation, pensions, technology implementation and contract negotiation to the mediation field. She has extraordinary project management skills that translate into meeting client deadlines in an organized and calm manner, thus helping to reduce your level of stress as you work to resolve your conflict.

Born and raised in England, and of Indian ethnicity, Anju moved to the United States at age 12, attending middle and high school in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, and becoming a naturalized citizen in 1977. Her involvement in mediation and divorce reform arose from her divorce through mediation in 1994.  She is both a mother and a stepmother.  Please click her to view or download her resume/CV.

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Feedback From Our Clients


To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.  Chinese proverb


"Your incredible grasp of the financial issues really helped us to  come to a realistic agreement. We know that in the future, our children will thank us for choosing you as our mediator."


"You did a thorough and impartial job, which made us both feel comfortable."


"You were wonderful. You never lost your calm, and were understanding of my pain and anger."


"You took a lot of pain out of something I never really wanted to do. Both my former wife and I felt like we were being helped by a friend. This would never have been possible with the traditional litigation process."


"You are very pleasant and kind, in addition to knowing what you are doing. My lawyer was quite impressed with you too!"


"We felt you were always fair and impartial.  When we disagreed on issues, you provided relevant information, helped us to understand each other's perspectives and to establish common ground."


"In our marriage, my spouse managed our money.  By working with you on the balance sheet and budget during mediation, I finally understand our finances and am better prepared for the future."


"We appreciate that you have been available to help us deal with the many changes in our lives and with our children since our divorce.  We didn't realize that mediation was going to be so beneficial going forward."


◊ "I found you to be incredibly professional, tactful, and compassionate. You took so many worries off our minds so that we could concentrate on the work of healing and moving on."


In our sessions with you, we communicated better than we did in marriage counseling.


"This is an absolutely wonderful practice that saved me a lot of time, money and acrimony. Do yourself and your kids a favor...   mediate through Divorce With Dignity first!!"